Paperwork! For Your Committee, Trustees, Shareholders, Directors, Strategy and AGM Meetings…

Yes – Paperwork – even in our digital world!

A lot of meetings equals lots of papers to prepare for each.

At DDCVS we can help!

If you just need your papers printed and copied…we can do that.

Need a bit more help?

We can even type out the paperwork you need eg. agendas, committee election papers and have them printed too.

And… we can even take the minutes of your meeting for you and have them typed up.

Don’t let the paperwork be a problem!

These are just a few of the many paid for Office Services available to you – members get a discount too!

Call us on 01629 812 154 (option 7) for more information.

Click on the link for our which shows prices for all of the above – Office Services leaflet.