Derbyshire Districts Citizens Advice Over 65s

Derbyshire Districts Citizens Advice have a new project to support the over 65s in Derbyshire Dales. We have a dedicated adviser who can support with completing benefit checks and ensuring people are receiving their full entitlements, complete necessary forms for additional support, provide energy efficiency advice plus cost-of-living support, and much more.

We are aware that the older generation are often housebound or struggle with public transport and therefore the adviser will complete a home visit if required or see at a local office.

The new adviser has also offered to attend any groups you host and present advice to your members collectively or individually. Feel free to contact Kirsty Westran on 07730089651 if you would like to book her to attend your group session. Alternatively, you can refer individuals by telephone or by emailing

Thanks in advance for your support and the Citizens Advice Over 65s adviser looks forward to hearing from you and working with you to support the elderly community in Derbyshire Dales.