DDCVS Membership Relaunch!

As you may know most Council for Voluntary Service in the UK are membership organisations, and Derbyshire Dales CVS is no different.

Our staff and trustees have been looking at our membership offer over the last few months and discussing several questions such as whether DDCVS should charge for Membership, and whether we should offer advice to organisations that are not Members.

DDCVS Members will have received a survey to complete about charging for Membership at the end of last year. The results of this survey were mixed, with appetite from some to pay an annual fee of £20 for membership.

We have taken the decision that Membership to DDCVS will remain free to voluntary and community organisations in the Dales.

Part of our ethos is that we develop services to support the voluntary sector, and that we represent the interests of the voluntary sector at a strategic level. Having a strong membership is an important factor in achieving these aims.

Being a member of Derbyshire Dales CVS means that you can:

  • Show your support for the aims of the CVS
  • Influence the way the CVS develops in the future

We offer certain discounts and benefits to Members, and we encourage any organisation in receipt of support, information or advice from us to become a Member.

With Membership remaining free, we cannot think of a reason why an organisation in receipt of information, advice or support, would not join us as a Member.

To that end we will be drawing up staff guidance for the support we offer in the Dales. Though we will continue to work with organisations that are non-Members, we will do this for a limited period of time, such as when you are just setting up, and after that we would expect you to become a Member.

If you have any questions about our Membership offer, please contact Neil Moulden by emailing neil@ddcvs.org.uk or telephoning 01629 812154 press 4.

If you would like to find out if you are a member of DDCVS please contact Shuk on 01629 812154 press 7 or email shuk@ddcvs.org.uk