VCS Discretionary Grant Funding Consultation

As you may be aware, Derbyshire County Council is currently consulting on proposals to remove all ‘discretionary’ grants from the Voluntary and Community Sector in Derbyshire.

We at DDCVS would encourage all our members to participate in the consultation process, and we would encourage you to ask your members and services users to participate in the consultation too. Details of how to participate in the consultation appear below.

By following the link:

Or, paper copies of both a standard survey and easy-read questionnaire are available on request by email or tel: 01629 533520.

At DDCVS, we believe that the withdrawal of grant aid to the voluntary sector will have serious consequences for many services that support the most needy and vulnerable in our communities. This is particularly true at a time when many services are already under huge pressure due to ever increasing demand for help and support. Whilst we understand the financial pressures faced by DCC, and regard DCC as a much-valued partner, we feel that this proposal is ill-advised and is likely to be hugely counterproductive in many ways.

Thank you for your support.

Neil Moulden

Chief Officer

Derbyshire Dales CVS.